Virginia's Judicial System

Circuit Court Mediation


The Circuit Court Mediation program is a party-pay system. If the court refers the parties to a free mediation orientation session, the parties may select a mediator from a list of eligible circuit court mediators. If the parties then voluntarily choose to proceed with mediation, they work out a compensation arrangement for the mediation services. This is different from district court mediation programs where mediator services may be paid by the Office of the Executive Secretary.

Parties may choose mediators based on criteria that is important to them, such as fees, training, subject matter expertise, background, experience, or recommendation of friends.

Contact Information

  • Director - Paul F. DeLosh
  • Dispute Resolution Services Manager – Sally P. Campbell
    Phone - (804) 786-6455

Find a Circuit Court Mediator
Search by circuit for mediators participating in circuit court referral programs. After clicking on your circuit, look at each mediator's certifications to see if they are have circuit-court family or circuit-court civil certifications.


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