Virginia's Judicial System

Map Showing Magisterial Districts in Region 7

Magistrates are listed below by district.

mag map region 7

Region 7 Magistrate Supervisor: Thomas Cahill

Regional Magistrate Supervisors Contact Information
Chief Magistrates Contact Information (By District)
Magistrates Offices Contact Information (By District)

District 2 Magistrates

District 3 Magistrates

District 4 Magistrates

District 32 (2A) Magistrates

Anderson, Beverly L. Ballin, Alexander H. *Consolvo, Edwin Rogers Lewis, Sarah Perry
Anderson, Blake Garrett Colbert, Mistee Nicole Enns, Darron Jacob Russell-Taylor, Brittany A
Bland, Kellee Ruth Hallenback Jr., Richard George Frierson, Emerald Leigh
Blankenship, Patrick D. Turner-Ford, Kandace Joyce Gabriel, Andrew Louis
Cahill, Karly Rose VanOrden, Leslie Pendry Galle, Andrew Joseph
Cowell, Bertram Basil Whitfield, David Ray Gregory, Amanda Lee
Danielson, Daniel Richard *Winchester, Amanda Josephine Hutson, Kimberly Lynette
Harris, Velber Covington Ilnitsky, Lily Aleksandrovn
Kellam, Douglas Page Kaczynski, Tiffany Lynne
Miller, Jeremy Layne Lawrence, Christopher Bradley
Ortolani, Evelyn Gudrun McLaughlin, Ryan Johnston
Payton, Joseph A. Midgett, Christopher Ian
Perry, Sylvia Victorina Salvadore, Richard J.
Phillips, Duane W. Sternberg, Michael Gerard
Sutton II, Paul Eugene Vitto, David Anthony
Truitt, Andrew Ross
*Tsai, Laura Eve
Twiford, Carl Glen
Wales, Peter Ganzel
Wheaton, Sonjia M.
Whitehead, Tamyra L

* Denotes Chief Magistrate

Chief Magistrate in District 4 also serves as Chief Magistrate in District 2A (32) and District 3


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