Virginia's Judicial System

Journey Through Justice
An interactive Web site designed by the Office of the Executive Secretary to educate students, teachers and the public about Virginia's Judicial System. The Web site will be developed further and updated periodically. Please visit often for new features and information.

Supreme Court of Virginia Justices, 1779-Present
A biographical directory of judges and justices who have served since 1779 on the Supreme Court of Virginia, the highest appellate court in the state; and, where possible, a portrait or other likeness. Some entries also include oral history interviews.

Court of Appeals of Virginia Judges, 1985-Present
This directory includes biographies of judges who have served on the Court of Appeals of Virginia since it began operation on January 1, 1985, and portraits of judges who began their service before April 2006. Also included are audio recordings and transcripts of oral history interviews of eight judges who have served on the court and a brief history of the court.

The Bar at Work
125 Years of Building the Legal Profession in Virginia, 1888-2013 - material from our exhibit commemorating the 125th Anniversary of the founding of the Virginia Bar Association and the 75th Anniversary of the organization of the Virginia State Bar.

Court Contact and Operational Information

Court Informational Pamphlets

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Glossary of Terms Commonly Used in Court

Jury Information

Justice Case Files
A series of illustrated novels created by the National Center for State Courts to educate the public about how courts work, how judges make decisions, and how courts are accountable to the law.

Public Law Libraries

Supreme Court of Virginia Historical Advisory Committee

Other Branches of Virginia Government

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