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Judicial Information Technology

The Department of Judicial Information Technology (DJIT) provides technology services to Virginia’s Judiciary through its seven divisions:

  • Administrative Services
    Provide administrative/clerical support to other DJIT divisions
  • Application Development
    Develop, deploy, and maintain applications such as the case management system, financial management system, video conferencing, and the e-magistrate system
  • Field Services
    Provide installation, relocation and support services for computers and related equipment
  • Network
    Develop, maintain and support multiple local area networks and the judicial network
  • Network Applications
    Develop, maintain and support network based applications and services such as the Records Management System, Case Imaging System, Judicial Internet, Judicial Intranet, and Human Resource applications
  • Operations
    Operate the mainframe processors, manage the tape library system, and serve as the Help Desk for all hardware and telecommunications problem reports
  • Systems and Database Administration
    Maintain and support the mainframe processors along with related systems level software, files and databases

Contact Information

  • Director - Michael J. Riggs, Sr.
    Phone - (804) 786-6455