Virginia's Judicial System

Judicial Settlement Conference Program


The Judicial Settlement Conference Program is a no-cost, confidential process in which the parties meet with a neutral third party (a retired judge) to explore options for settling their dispute. The conference is generally informal. Frequently, facilitation and case evaluation techniques are used. The judge takes an active role in guiding the parties to a mutually satisfactory resolution. The ultimate decision making regarding settlement, however, is left to the parties. Settlement conference may be used in any civil case filed in circuit court. It may be most useful in cases where the parties have not completely explored settlement options and are unlikely to do so without the assistance of a neutral.

Contact Information

  • Once you have selected a judicial conference program judge, please call the circuit court where your case was filed to obtain that judge's contact information.
  • Director - Paul F. DeLosh
  • Dispute Resolution Services Manager - Dan Wassink
    Phone - (804) 786-6455


Frequently Asked Questions

List of retired judges trained in mediation and settlement conference skills

Explanation of the judicial settlement conference process


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