Virginia's Judicial System

Legal Links

Federal Links
Includes a range of links to various U.S. courts, federal legislative information, the US Government Printing Office and the official portal to federal government information.

Legal Publications Online
Features a list of publications available online, with a link to either the table of contents or full text content for each publication listed.

National Judicial Administration Organizations
Provides links to a range of national organizations serving courts and those working within the judicial branch of government.

Virginia Codes, Rules and Statutes
Provides direct links to the Virginia Code, the Virginia Administrative Code, the Constitution and the Rules of Court (as published in volume 11 of the Code of Virginia).  A link to the Virginia Compensation Board Web site provides access to the Virginia Crime Codes by offense, keyword and code section.

Virginia Law Schools
Includes links to each of the eight law schools in Virginia.

Virginia Model Jury Instructions (Unannotated)

Virginia State and Local Government
This section provides links to agencies and commissions within the three branches of Virginia government: executive, judicial and legislative; as well as a link to local cities, counties and communities in Virginia.