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Secure Remote Access (SRA)


The Secure Remote Access (SRA) to Virginia Land Records includes information available in Circuit Court Clerk's offices using the Commonwealth of Virginia Electronic Records System (COVERS) provided by the Office of the Executive Secretary of the Supreme Court of Virginia. Public land records maintained by clerks of court as provided for in the Code of Virginia § 17.1-294, et seq., may be accessed through this system.

Access to view images is limited to subscribers authorized by individual Clerks of Court. Please contact the local individual Circuit Court Clerk's office(s) to obtain a subscription. This will require a signed agreement and payment of applicable fees before the ability to search records and view the corresponding images is granted.

Free Index Only Access

The Available Courts tab within SRA includes a list of Virginia Circuit Court Clerks offices and displays if they have enabled this functionality. Clerks’ offices who have enabled free index only access will display as 'Available' and provide the ability to search land records indexes without logging in to SRA or having an active subscription.