Virginia's Judicial System

Concluded: Pandemic Flu Preparedness Commission


The Pandemic Flu Preparedness Commission, a commission of the Supreme Court of Virginia, convened in March 2009.  The Commission’s objective was to ensure, in the event of pandemic influenza, that the Judicial Branch is able to fulfill its mission to provide an independent, accessible, responsive forum for the just resolution of disputes in order to preserve the rule of law and to protect all rights and liberties guaranteed by the Unites States and Virginia Constitutions.

In seeking to achieve this objective, the Commission had the following priorities: enable the courts to maintain essential functions during a pandemic and recover promptly afterwards; protect the health of Judicial Branch employees and those who utilize the services of the courts; and promote consistency across the Commonwealth relative to Judicial Branch pandemic response.

The Commission consisted of judges, clerks of court, magistrates, attorneys, local government officials, representatives from executive branch agencies, and others. The Commission's final meeting was held in February 2010, and the Pandemic Influenza Bench Book for Virginia's Judicial System was released on October 15, 2010.

The Bench Book was initially prepared by the Pandemic Flu Preparedness Commission, but is updated and maintained by the Office of the Executive Secretary.

Pandemic Influenza Bench Book for Virginia's Judicial System

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